Rabu, 10 Januari 2018

Drug Use Coffee wrap Saset Steamer, this man in the Chelsea Police

Jarakpantau.co.id - as clever as squirrel jump will eventually fall, too. So it is appropriate in this old man samarkan, Sahrir (52) Pasangrahan Road Neighborhood residents lumpue, Kecamatan Bacukiki, West of the town of Parepare, was arrested by members of a drug Sat Polres parepare, on Wednesday (9/1/2018): 11.00 o'clock.

"We secure the offender right on the road pasangrahan (rear mains terminal lumpue parepare) Village lumpue, district Bacukiki, West of the town of Parepare," said visible Drug AKP. ZAKI SUNGKAR, S.H., S.I. K to Jarakpantau.co.id, Thursday (10/1/2018).

He said the initial arrest of the perpetrators, were derived from public information that the existence of a drug salesman right on the scene things (CRIME SCENE).

"Members of the sat led visible drug drugs polres parepare doing searches and find the wrapper copies saset steamer which contains clear plastic containing 9 (nine) clear plastic sashet alleged contains sabu2 and one (1) hp samsung brand fruit used for communication further sales of the suspect and evidence under the Office for further proceedings, "Pungkasnya. (Rendy)

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